Enhance the look of your home by adding new lighting. Make your kitchen more functional by adding LED pot lights. That basement is bigger than you think. New lighting not only makes a room feel more spacious and functional but also is more energy efficient saving you money in the long run. Ask us about our many different lighting options.


Is it time to change that panel? It could be outdated, overloaded and poorly installed. This can drive up new installation costs or halt them altogether. You need a panel that has the space and capacity to grow with your plans. A properly installed panel will give you that flexibility and safe protection of the electrical circuits throughout your home. A service change may be required to supply you with the extra energy you now need.


Arc fault protection is the most current technology for protecting your home. When electrical connections are poorly made or have deteriorated over time, they can start to arc. Arcing is the electricity jumping across a poor connection or break in a wire. This creates heat at those degraded locations and is the number one leading cause of electrical house fires. When an arc fault breaker senses arcing, it immediately shuts down the circuit keeping your home safe.


Knob and tube wiring was installed in homes up until the late 1950’s. It can be identified easily as the wiring passes around ceramic knobs and through ceramic tubes (see photo). It was installed in a time where electrical requirements were one quarter of what they are now, leaving this wiring abused and overloaded for many years. Overloaded wiring becomes brittle and loses its insulating protective value and could leave bare wiring hidden in the walls and ceilings. Many insurance companies are now refusing to insure homes that have knob and tube wiring. We can upgrade your home to current wiring methods giving you more capacity and peace of mind.


If you have a home built in the late 60’s into the 70’s then most likely your house contains aluminium wiring. This wiring method may present certain safety concerns. While its original installation is considered safe, it will likely have had many modifications or additions over the years. Aluminium is a soft metal which expands and contracts easily. This can loosen electrical connections causing hot spots, which can lead to poor functionality and possible fire hazard. It is highly recommended this wiring be upgraded to copper wiring which is still in use today.


Renovations can be tough on a household. There’s always decisions to be made, over extended timelines and not to mention the disruption of a part of the house. You can rest comfortably knowing our team knows how to make all of this easier. We can help with all those decisions by sharing with you our knowledge and expertise to come up with the right plan for your renovation. We know your time is valuable so we are there and ready with the parts necessary to do the job. We can also save you time by not only being your electrical contractor, we can do security alarms, cameras, home automation, internet networking, phone lines and much more. Call us today and don’t forget we offer financing.


It is absolutely amazing how exterior lighting can transform the look of a home. Let us help you design a lighting plan that can show off your beautiful home and yard while making it safer and more functional.


Technology has taken over today’s home. Almost every room in the house will have some sort of electronic device. Everything from smart TV’s to your fridge now have a delicate circuit board in them which is why surge protection is so important in today’s home. A power surge can damage one to all your electronic devices which can add up to a costly bill at the end. Dollar for dollar, you can’t get better protection for your electronics and our surge protection comes fully insured. Find out how affordable surge protection is. Contact us today.


An essential part of every home are smoke detectors. New code standards require a smoke detector in every bedroom in the home as well as on every floor with the requirement of a carbon monoxide detector in the hallway outside of bedrooms. Let us bring your home up to code by installing new 10 year guarantee smoke detectors. We can also offer smoke detectors that connect to your phone to alert you of an alarm no matter where you are.


Make your home smart. A smart home can offer you convenience and comfortability. Control your lights from your phone or a remote control. Set schedules for lighting while you are on vacation. Monitor your house and property from your phone with cameras. Unlock your doors for your children. Get low temperature or high water warnings before its too late. The possibilities are endless. Ask us how we can save you time and money by making your home work better for you.


Increase the comfort of a room by adding a dimmer to your lights. Dimmers can give you the capability to go from bright task lighting to a soft ambient light depending on your needs at the moment. They can also save you money by decreasing the output of your light fixture and in turn extending the life expectancy of your light fixtures.


Pools and hot tubs are large investments that need to be wired by a certified electrician to ensure they are done properly and safely. Our team is experienced, capable and will install your equipment professionally and to current code standards.